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Merefield Curriculum Vision...

  • A Creative Curriculum which promotes building connections, problem solving skills and coherence. Is alive in every classroom and ensures on-going opportunities for active cross-curricular and contextualised learning
  • Long term planning which guides a programme of educational visits, assemblies and events which are relevant, meaningful and connected with classroom learning
  • A curriculum that addresses the needs of the broad age and ability range within school, and meets each individual at their point of learning
  • Long term and Medium term planning which ensures all learners encounter ICT in a variety of ways.
  • All curriculum planning focusing on the key skills of communication, cognition, physical development and self-care and independence, and informed by a developmental perspective
  • A clear and comprehensive overview of how and when aspects of the curriculum related to safe and healthy lifestyles are addressed. This ensures that these aspects are planned for with consideration of other factors, to ensure maximum impact.
  • Class timetables constructed around the principle that every moment is a learning opportunity. Each aspect of every school day is a planned learning experience and linked to Personal Learning Intentions for every learner.
  • Systems in place to identify individuals who may benefit from curriculum-based interventions which follow an alternative, more personalised, curriculum model than the principle one being followed by the rest of their class.
  • Subject specialist staff, therapists and staff delivering interventions, connect their input to class-based learning through shared medium term planning
  • Learner voice informing curriculum development.
  • A broad and flexible rolling plan of curriculum “themes” which is fully embedded to support cross-curricular and contextualised learning, and provide a framework for across school spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) education
  • Maximum individual progression through planning systems which connect coherently with developmental frameworks e.g. EYFS, QUEST, PIVATS
  • A curriculum which is outward looking with an embedded global dimension, with planned opportunities for learners to connect with others
  • The Rights of the Child are directly addressed through the curriculum and support the development of positive and safe learning environments
  • Clear and effective frameworks in place for delivering aspects of the curriculum related to developing cognition. These are understood and used by all class-based staff and encompass statutory Citizenship and RE requirements.
  • 14-19 courses support the best possible outcomes for each individual student as they prepare for adulthood

The vision flow diagram