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On Thursday Afternoons Foxes enjoy getting their waterproofs on and going outside to our Forest School site or to our local nature reserve to run off our energy. 

If you would like to join in why don't you listen to our story of we are going on a leaf hunt, if you have a communication device you can practice using this by pressing the go button every time you hear 'going' in our story. 

Then why don't you go out for a walk in your garden or local area and have a little look for some leaves! 

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

This is a read-aloud of We're Going on a Leaf Hunt. Written by Steve Metzger and illustrated by Miki Sakamoto. Suggested words to model are embedded throug...

Today we will be going on our weekly walk to The Nature Reserve I know we all enjoy running up and down the Sanddunes and splashing in the big puddles. This is part of our 40 Things to do before you leave Merefield Scheme, why don't you join in at home by going for a little walk outside and seeing if you can find some muddy puddles to splash in!