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Foxes Home School Learning

Welcome to Foxes Home School Learning Page! 

Whilst we appreciate that home learning cannot replace face-to-face teaching within school, we have been preparing tasks for the eventuality of pupils being unable to attend so that their learning can continue.

When pupils cannot attend school, I will set, daily, a literacy/reading task, a maths/numeracy task and a task relating to our current topic. Suggestions will also be given for sessions involving physical activity. The activities shared will be in a variety of forms including worksheets, video recordings, instructions and links to websites and online resources. In some instances, sessions may be delivered via Zoom. Please be aware that school will be following union guidance and teachers will not be able to take part in Zoom sessions from home and so live sessions will not be possible when school is closed.

You are free to engage with as many of the sessions as you wish to and are welcome to interact with me about them via Class Dojo. Feel free to share photos of your child’s learning and to feedback to me anything they did well or really enjoyed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 


Below you will find links to a timetable of the daily activities and a now & next board which we use in Foxes to support our students to understand that a short work activity can be followed by an activity of their choosing! You can either print these off or use your tablet/ipad to show the children the now & next board before starting the activity.