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Autumn Term 25.9.20

Morning 1 – Maths

Can you have a go at sorting out the fuzz bugs by colour


When making lunch/snack later today get practical, can you collect the correct amount of plates, cutlery, cups for the people in your house?




Morning 2 – English

We would normally make newsletters in school, looking at our photos from the week and commenting on them using colourful semantics. Can you talk about your week at home. Yesterday we did an activity with colourful semantics.  Can you do the same with a photo from this week?  If you don't have any photos why not take some funny ones now and have a go at making some silly sentences using this frame:



For example this sentence could be:


Boys reading books on beach/in sand



Let me know any sentences you put together!



Can you make a healthy afternoon snack of a fruit kebab. Gathering the correct ingredients and following the method. 


Thankyou for engaging in home learning this week, you have worked very hard. Now relax and enjoy your weekend!