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AM1 Story time- Underpants Wonderpants


Join us for a live zoom of follow along using the video below. Can you have a go at completed the Boom Cards activity too?


Here is a link to some suggested resources for this story:



AM2- Newspapers


In class we will be reflecting on our learning week by looking back at photos and adding them to our newspapers.

Below is a template if you would like to make your own at home.


Using Class Dojo, could you tell us:

What has been your favourite part of our learning week? 

Have you achieved any of your targets this week? 

What are you looking forward to doing again

PM- Sensology


Join us for a live zoom session or follow along using Rachael's video guide below.

There is also a Sensology Boom Card task for you to have a go at.


For this session it would be great if have:

-At least 2 different, visually stimulating items e.g. lights or something brightly coloured

-At least 2 different smells

-At least 2 items of different textures

-At least 2 different tastes e.g. different flavoured lip balms 

-At least 2 different sounds