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Autumn Term 28.9.20

Morning 1 – Maths

Shape Patterns


Have a go at this activity.  Start at level 1, what level can you get to?


Here is an ALI board to support you.



Morning 2 – English

Have a go at this Blank Level Questioning activity.  Look at the picture and answer as many questions as you can that your grown-ups ask you from level 1.  If you are feeling brave you can move onto level 2 and 3!  Use the ALI board to help you answer.



Level 1)

  1. Find one like this (Pointing to the turtle)
  2. What is this? (Pointing to the Sun)
  3. What is Peppa Doing?
  4. Where is the Sun?
  5. Where is Mummy pig?


Level 2)

  1. Where is Peppa (In the garden/outside)
  2. Who is Peppa outside with?
  3. What is Peppa doing?
  4. Where are the hens?
  5. How are the two hens different? (Colour)
  6. Find an animal that quacks
  7. Where are the ducks?
  8. How many ducks are there?

Level 3)

  1. How are the hen and the duck the same?
  2. What is the watering can used for?
  3. What will happen next? (Ducks might fly away?)
  4. What else could you feed to the ducks?
  5. Where could you find ducks?
  6. What do hens and ducks lay?
  7. How might Peppa feel?
  8. Which of the animals is not a bird?




Let’s get messy with Ooblek.  Our amazing teacher Rachael has recorded this demonstration – have a go and let me how you get on!

Video posted below or follow the link:


Have a great day and I can’t wait to hear how you get on with today’s tasks.


Missing you all!


Afternoon Ooblek Activity