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The Weather Sensory story.

Repeating the same story from last week with the same resources:

-Do I recognise items?

-Do I have consistent reactions to the resources? e.g. accept or reject the same items, show enjoyment of exploring the same items as last week.

-Do I do anything different this time around?



Sing along to some familiar number songs with Rach and Kerry.

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

10 Fat Sausages

Five Currant Buns

Five Speckled Frogs

Sensory story instructions video

A guide to our sensory story and the resources you can use.



Cotton wool and peg pictures

This activity is great to help develop and encourage use of palmer and pincer grip when painting and can be a little less messy for those who don't like the feel of paint on their hands. This can be combined with some hand, foot and fingerprint painting for those who do love to get messy!


Be sure to send us photos of your creations on the dojo!

Cotton wool painting instructions