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Session 1


Wake up Shake Up ready for the week ahead with some action songs!

Session 2- Sensory Story


Our Sensory Story for this term is 'Sneezy the Snowman.' Below you will find a resource list and powerpoint slides that you can follow with some prompts on how to use the resources. 

Once we have completed a session in class, I will upload a video that you can also use as a guide and you are more than welcome to join us for a Zoom session too- just let me know via Class Dojo if you would like to!

Session 3- Craft


During our craft sessions we are going to make a tree showing all 4 seasons. The tree will be made in quarters, with each quarter showing what it's branches and leaves look like across the seasons. We will make one quarter per week until all are completed. See below for an example.


Week 4- A tree in Winter


Finger painting