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AM1 Getting Active


This morning we will be moving our bodies and doing some swimming. At home, why not try the Physibods workout below?


A Music Physio event, bringing carers and children with complex learning differences together to explore body awareness.Written by Tim Godwin, in collaborati...

AM2- Exploring Turkey with our senses



In class we will be setting up a number of different areas to explore Holland with our senses. 

Below are some suggested resources to help you do the same at home.


SEE: Lights, bright coloured fabrics

HEAR: Turkish music, call to prayer, Turkish language

SMELL: pot pourri, spices, insence, coffee

TOUCH: silk fabrics, coffee beans

TASTE: tea, spices, apricots


What are your likes  and dislikes for each sense? Can you show that you would like 'more' or that you have 'finished' exploring a resource?