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AM1 Story time


Follow along with some of our stories below or take part in some story massage. 

Rachael's video will help to remind you of the different massage movements.

Merefield Story Time. Story Massage. Introduction to the different movements.

Zog and the Flying Doctor with Lauren

10 Little Superheroes with Lauren

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days.


Time to get our bodies moving!

With a little help from an adult, can you follow the different movements in the song to get your body moving?

Shake your sillies out

PM- Parachute and Scrunchie songs


For this session it would be great if you had some floaty fabrics. Bedsheets work well too!


Listen to some of the songs below and complete the actions.



The Rainbow Rave

Wiggle and Jiggle

We go up and down

Here we go up

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Shake your fabric in time to the music. Place a soft toy or soft ball on top of our sheet, hold on and at the chorus SHAKE IT OFF!!