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Sensory Circuits

Foxes enjoy daily Sensory input in class, on the playground, and during our sensory circuit sessions on a Wednesday. 

Throughout the day we have access to our therapy balls, our sensory swing, the bosu ball, and whizzy dizzy which supports us to get the sensory input we require to keep us regulated and help us learn.


Foxes also really enjoy accessing Sensory Circuits in the hall using the large play equipment to take part in alerting, organising and calming activities.

Learn how the basics about sensory circuits, how to do them and a demonstration showing our circuit full of examples.

Some ideas of things you can do at home in each of The Sensory Circuit Areas. 

Alerting - Foxes really enjoy any spinning activities, hold hands with your child and sing ring a ring a roses. 

Use a blanket to play row row row your boat you can either hold one end of the blanket each and pull forwards and backwards or you could loop the blanket over your child and pull let your child pull push back against the blanket. 

If you have a yoga ball bouncing whilst sitting on the yoga ball is always fun.

Organising - You could use couch cushions as stepping stones or draw a line in chalk outside and ask your child to walk along it. If you have a yoga ball get your child to lie across it on their tummy and use their hands to walk forwards.

Calming - Roll your child up in a heavy duvet and sing roll that sausage roll whilst rocking them back and forth. You could also get them to lie on a cushion on the floor whilst you squash them gently with other cushions or a yoga ball. 

Here are some activities which you can do on a peanut ball or yoga ball which Foxes enjoy using in class!

Peanut ball activities explained by Occupational Therapist Aoife Costello. Purchase peanut ball in the OCTOBER OT BOX www.occupationaltherapyabc.comInstagram...