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Session 1- Merefield 40 things...


  • Make a mud pie!


This week for our Merefield 40 things, it's time to get messy! The wet and windy weather that we have been having recently will give us the perfect opportunity to make a mud pie. Feel the texture of the mud with your hands and feet. If you don't want to get too messy, try making squidgy sensory bags by adding some mud to zip-lock sandwich bags. Don't forget to send some photos of your mud pie messiness! 

Session 2- TAC Time


Take the session at your own pace at home using the resources below or request a home/school zoom if you would like to interact with class!



Intro music

1. Spring

2. Summer

3. Autumn

4. Winter

5. New Year Finale

Session 3- Outdoor Learning


Weather permitting we will be going for a walk in the community to do an outdoor treasure hunt. Why not have a go and see what you can find?


If it is raining, you can try the indoor alternative!