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Read along to 'Tabby McTat' with Kerry! 



Story time with Kerry, Tabby McTat.

Tac Time- Weathering the Storm


This is a movement to music session using some tactile items that you may have at home.

Some suggestions are listed on the slides below but you can also use things such as tinsel, a wooden spoon, ribbons, a duster or the leaves you have picked from your garden!



What do we do?

Using a different item for each piece of music, movements should be made in time with the music and can range, including patting, rubbing, rolling, stroking, sliding, tapping,
pressing, squeezing.


The music tracks begin slowly, then as we progress become faster, louder and more dramatic to represent the height of the storm. Then, it becomes slower, quieter and more tranquil again to signify that the storm is over, and a rainbow has appeared!


What are we looking for?


-Tracking of movement, of the adult and of the tactile item.

-Communication- Do I like or dislike a texture or song? Do I show I want more, or that I am finished?

-Consistency- When this task is repeated, do I respond in the same way to the same song and/or tactile item?


Gentle rain music

Wind music


The Sun music

Rainbow music

Cookery- Vanilla biscuits

Follow the instructions below to make vanilla cookies. You could get creative by adding some food colouring or decorating them with some icing and sprinkles.