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Autumn Term 23.9.20

Morning 1 – Maths


We have been away from school for a few days now so today let’s have a sort out!


 Can you find…

  • 5 red objects in your house?
  • 4 green objects?
  • 3 yellow objects?
  • 2 blue objects?
  • 1 orange?

This can be toys, clothes, food, anything you can find!


Using your mixed items can you sort them into categories as shown on the ALI board below?  Don’t worry if you don’t have them all or perhaps you have some of your own?



I would love to see your photos!



Morning 2 – English

Have another go on Teach Your Monster to Read, click this link:    See how far you can get!  I really like to see how you are progressing with this via my teacher portal.  I will send you certificates when you hit new levels.


Or... if you would rather read a story, have a listen to ‘Animal Alphabet’ (the video is also below) and answer the following questions


  • What has the alligator got on his head?
  • What is ‘B’ for?                                    
  • What colour is the cat?
  • Can you point to the hedgehog?
  • What noise does a lion make?
  • Where does an owl live?



Let go into the garden and go on a bug hunt

Here is a minibeast identification sheet – what did you find?



Don’t forget to wash your hands!


Have a great day – I can’t wait to hear how you get on with today’s tasks.

Missing you all!