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Autumn Term 30.9.20

Morning 1 - Maths

Watch this very funny video about the concept of big and small and then have a go at the PowerPoint game below!

Have a go at this PowerPoint game (this may have to be accessed from a PC). 



Morning 2 – English


Have another go on Teach Your Monster to Read, click this link:    


See how far you can get!  I really like to see how you are progressing with this via my teacher portal.  I will send you certificates when you hit new levels.


Then listen to this story...

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt!

Can you read along? Can you predict any of the words? Does it remind you of another story?



This afternoon go on your own leaf hunt.  Can you remember any lines from the story?


This could be in your garden or in a local park. 


Collect some leaves and when you get home have a go at making these cute leaf hedgehogs!


Please send me photos of your creations!


Have a great day

Miss you all