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AM1 Story Session- Sweaty Pits McTavish


Join us for a live zoom or follow along with the video below. Test your Sweaty Pits story knowledge by completing the Boom Cards task below too!


Here a link to some suggested resources for this story:

Sweaty Pits McTavish with Rach

AM2 Merefield 40 things- Nature Easter Eggs


Today we are going to complete number 7, collecting resources on a nature walk.


If you are able to get out for a local walk or into you garden, can you collect some resources to make a natural Easter egg?

Some examples of natural resources you could collect are:

  • sand
  • leaves
  • stones
  • twigs
  • flowers


Be sure to send us some photos of your creations!


Superworm read by Lauren

PM Dance Massage


Join us for our dance massage zoom session or follow along using the track list and songs below.

(Merefield School does not own the rights to this music).


Power Rangers theme

Heroes (David Bowie)

TMNT theme


Holding out for a Hero

Let's be Superheroes



Cartoon Heroes

(We could be) Heroes