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What you will need

George's Marvellous Medicine story (suggested resources)


  • a wig
  • furniture polish
  • a cloth/piece of fabric
  • crown
  • toy spiders 
  • leaves
  • sticks
  • mixing bowl
  • wooden spoon
  • shampoo
  • ketchup
  • shaving foam
  • coffee
  • rice
  • a bottle of brown liquid e.g. cooled tea or coffee/cola
  • balloons
  • feathers
  • farm yard animal sounds
  • farm yard animal toys
  • seed/lentils
  • coins
  • slime
  • gloop
  • frozen peas
  • tea bags
  • bubbles

Parachute songs/games


  • A large piece of material e.g. a blanket, bed sheet, piece of lycra or
  • A small piece of silky fabric or scarf

Music with Georgina


  • A soft piece of material
  • Bells
  • Something to play as a drum e.g. a box or container


Witches Spell Story suggested resources


  • bucket or mixing bowl
  • spoon
  • witches hat
  • bubbles or a cup of liquid and a straw
  • fairy lights, flashing toys or a torch
  • gloop - made from cornflour and water
  • slime or jelly
  • whoopee cushion or similar sound!
  • feathers
  • a food scent- we will be using pumpkin scent but anything you have at home will work
  • toy bugs or spiders (we are using simple spiders made from black wool)
  • bath bomb
  • soda water or cup of water
  • a ball or balloon
  • something to taste
  • a mirror

TAC Time suggested resources 

(if you do not have these items available, different items of different textures that you can find around the house will work too)


  • feathers
  • chopsticks or wooden spoons
  • mini mops or scourers
  • paintbrushes
  • bells

Sneezy the Snowman suggested resources 

(These are optional. You may have similar alternatives that you can use at home or the story can be enjoyed by just listening).

  • icing sugar and a sieve
  • a hand held fan
  • drinking chocolate
  • a bowl of warm, bubbly water
  • shaving foam
  • a tray 
  • hat, scarf and coat
  • hot water bottle
  • ice pack (a rubber glove filled with water then frozen would work!)
  • ice cream




The Weather- Suggested story resources

Sunshine smoothie


  • A mirror
  • 2 different, visually stimulated items e.g. light, flashing toys, bright and colourful objects
  • 2 different smells e.g. candles, wax melts, car air fresheners, mouthwash
  • 2 different textures e.g. a bowl of flower, cooked pasta, water beads, a soft toy, a brush
  • 2 different sounds e.g. bells, a horn, a squeaky toy, short clips played on phone
  • 2 different tastes e.g. mint, chocolate, icing, jam, honey


2 different resources are suggested for each section but more than 2 can be used if available.

Banana bread

Vanilla Cookie ingredients

Sensory foam making