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You will need... Suggested resources

Below are the resources that we will be using in class for each session. These are just suggested items- feel free to substitute for items you have at home and please don't worry if you do not have all of them. 

Underpants Wonderpants Sensory Story


-Some underpants or knickers

-A soft toy e.g. dog or teddy

-A plane toy or plane sound

-A torch

-Water spray

-Shaving foam/fake snow


-Mouse and/or elephant soft toy and/or sound



-A net or netted fabric

-A crown

-Bowl of water



Supertato Sensory story

-a pan and spoon, or something to make a CRASH/BANG sound

-Ice or something cold

-a carrot


- cucumber

- Potato

- green ball or balloon

-a bowl of water

-sauce or a dip to taste/feel/smell

-baked beans

-Shaving foam

-a masher


- a torch

Sweaty Pits McTavish

-water spray

-Soft toy 

-cheese (will will be using a soft cheese)


-Flowers (real or fake)

-netted/sheer fabric


-tinned fish e.g. tuna

-body spray/antiperspirant

-pan and spoon, or something to make a BOOM sound

-Apple juice



-mask/costume/piece of fabric


-Bubblegum (to smell)

-something of a sticky texture e.g. honey


-a pan

-gloop or slime

-cleaning items e.g. mop, brush, sponge, duster, furniture polish

-pirate-related items e.g. a hat, eye patch, parrot

-bowl of water


Superhero TAC time

You will need 5 items of different textures.

We will be using:





-A piece of fabric



-At least 2 different, visually stimulating items e.g. lights or something brightly coloured

-At least 2 different smells

-At least 2 items of different textures

-At least 2 different tastes e.g. different flavoured lip balms 

-At least 2 different sounds


You can make the session more challenging for your child by adding more options for them to choose from during each section.