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Welcome back everyone after what has been an extended Easter Holiday with the added bonus of glorious weather! All staff and pupils appear happy to be back at school and have quickly settled into usual class routines. The new building extension is really taking shape now - it is an actual building with a roof and walls and windows! We are hopeful of completion by the end of June which will allow us to move furniture around during the last few weeks of this term so ensuring everything is ready for September. We hope to be able to give informal tours during Parent Coffee mornings at the end of term with an official opening in September. The repair of the swimming pool floor turned out to be a much bigger job than first thought - the whole of the floor and sides of the pool need replacement tiling with specialised tiles that are on a six week order scheme. Because of this extended time required for the repairs we have taken this opportunity to refurbish the whole swimming pool area - the pool is over 30 years old so a little TLC is well deserved! We are hoping the pool will be back in action after May half term. Another exciting development is the complete refurbishment of the Sensory/Light Room - thanks to a wonderful donation from the Rathbones Foundation we are eagerly awaiting the start of this project. All of these building improvements are a wonderful addition to the existing resources and will ensure that Merefield School has outstanding facilities to complement the outstanding teaching and learning that takes place every day.