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Merefield School Council Manifesto


“…All young people – irrespective of ability, personality, race or class – should feel valued and safe within an inclusive and caring school community… Schools with an ethos of mutual respect develop into caring communities where each individual understands that they can make a valuable contribution…”


                                Teddy Gold, Honorary Director of School Councils UK (2000)


Here at Merefield the School Council is seen as an integral part of the workings of the school. Each class has at least one representative that is voted for by their peers in a democratic fashion and it is these representatives attend the school council meetings. Discussions take place regarding what they would like to see being put into place within the school and what issues they feel are important within the school community.


We believe that giving each pupil in the school a voice is an important part of school life. We involve our pupils in a caring process that enables them to voice their opinions, and offer ideas for change, in a safe environment where they know that they will be listened to.

School Council Activities/Groups

Merseyside Special Schools

Merefield School are part of the Merseyside school council group which involves all of the special schools within Merseyside coming together to work on a project that the pupils have chosen. At the end of the school year the pupils all gather at Liverpool Town Hall to share what they have done in order to complete or take part in the project. This year the chosen project is the International Aid Trust - shoebox appeal.  


Sefton Special School Council

This group is made up of the special schools within Sefton, the pupils meet once a term to socialise with other school council representatives and chat about things that they would like to do as a group.  the group takes place in a different school and allows pupils to see what the other schools are like.  pupils have designed their own group logo, created a name (SSSC) and started work on doing a talent competition 


Love Our Community

The school have recently taken part in a Southport wide project whereby all schools in Southport had a 'non-uniform' day in exchange for a donation for the local food bank.  As a school we collected a lot of food which has now been handed over to the food bank in the Lakeside Christian Centre, Southport.