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During a Sensology workout we emphasise sensory stimulation, covering the five basic senses; see, hear, touch, smell, taste and the movement related sensory systems; vestibular and proprioception. There are repeated phrases used throughout and pupils are alerted to the sense we will be working on through touch.

  1. We begin with a familiar song ‘Hello…how are you?’ and encourage looking in the mirror. We then encourage communication of how we are feeling. The response does not have to be ‘happy.’
  2. I have a body… Proprioception and vestibular input
  3. Eyes to see
  4.  Ears to hear
  5. Skin to touch
  6. Mouth to taste, talk, smile (as appropriate to pupil)


Our Sensology routines are repeated once each week for a half term, using resources linking to the current topic. A new half term means a new set of resources.