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Communication in Merefield

Communication in Merefield.

At Merefield we use a Total Communication Approach to communicate with our students and to support their development of communication and interaction skills. Our communication approach ensures students are aware what is expected of them throughout their school day and provides them with the tools to get their needs and wants met in whatever manner is appropriate to them.  

When we refer to Total Communication we are referring to verbal language plus a range of Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) these include; gesture, symbols , PECs, Communication Boards/ Books, written word, high tech devices such as (ipads, big macs, talking tins, musical cues), signalong, photos, and objects of reference. 

Adults consistently model the use of these different communication methods immersing the students in the variety of manners which we can communicate. The different AAC which we use to communicate and support our students is adapted specifically to the needs of each learner. 


Some of the communication systems we use to support different students

Whole Class Timetables so we can understand what is coming up throughout the day
Lanyard Visuals each staff carries to support transitions to different areas.
Individual timetables and now & next boards.
Objects of reference

Communication supports we use to help our students develop independence completing specific activities.

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