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This morning I have just waved goodbye to Class 4 going to visit the Fenery in Botanic Gardens as part of their curriculum study this term and to Class 5 going for their first class visit to the café in Ainsdale Village - wonderful examples of real life learning for our pupils which is an integral part of their holistic development. We have received four different groups of visitors in the past month who had heard about the new Merefield Curriculum and wanted to find out more - very positive feedback from all suggests that other schools similar to Merefield will be adopting a similar life skills context approach to their future curriculum design. A Quality Assurance visit from an ex HMI Ofsted Inspector also confirmed the outstanding curriculum provision now available throughout Merefield School - a glowing testimony to all the hard work from all staff during this past academic year.

I am very proud to announce that we have submitted our request for final assessment of our LPPA - Leading Parent Partnership Award - this is now scheduled to take place on Monday July 13th. I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard all year on this framework which has enabled Merefield to critically review and evaluate the partnership there is between school and home.

The new building extension is now in its final stages with completion scheduled for June 22nd! The space looks amazing - it is the size of two large classrooms with a collapsible wall facilitating its use as either one large space or two smaller spaces. There is also a small work room, fully equipped hygiene room and cloakroom. Great care and consideration has been shown by the contractors throughout the build which has resulted in minimal disruption for the school for which we are very grateful. We will post photos as soon as possible to share the addition of this wonderful space within our school facilities.

The refurbishment of the swimming pool however is another matter altogether - problems regarding the delivery of the correct tiles and the actual retiling process itself have resulted in delay after delay - frustration does not begin to describe our feelings about this project! Hopefully I will have more positive news about the pool next month.

The redesign of the sensory light room is scheduled to begin on June 29th with completion due within 3 weeks

Unbelievably this academic year will end six weeks tomorrow - mind you there is so much in the diary to fit in during this next six weeks that I know the time will fly by!