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The Merefield Curriculum

My Communication

This curriculum area develops pupil’s expressive and receptive skills, allowing every individual to functionally communicate to the best of their ability and access The Merefield Curriculum as fully as possible. Pupils encounter inclusive literacy through personalised speaking, listening, reading and writing activities which are widely applied throughout the curriculum in order to support them to prepare for the next stage in their lives. is achieved through developing interaction skills through listening and responding both in and out of school, developing fine motor and physical communication skills as well as strategies to promote functional reading, through accessing a broad range of inclusive reading materials. Pupils are encouraged to make and communicate choices, obtain information, question and be actively involved in decision making. We work closely to identify each individual’s communicative starting points in order to support them with a plethora of communication support and adapt this as their needs change during their journey through school.

Please see Merefield’s ‘My Communication Policy’ for further information about curriculum ethos, aims, objectives and strategies.

My Thinking and Problem Solving

This curriculum area supports pupils to develop cognitive skills around problem solving, exploration and enquiry as well as mathematical concepts. Early development of this area will be focused around developing an understanding of the number system and counting. These skills will be embedded throughout the whole curriculum with plenty of opportunities for repetition and over learning to allow them to be secure in their knowledge. As pupils develop these functional skills, they can then be transferred and embedded into practical and real life experiences to prepare them for the future. Throughout the My Thinking curriculum, pupils will be supported to make connections and explore the world around them.


How My World Works

In this curriculum area pupils gain an understanding of how they can become more independent and prepare them for the next stage in their life. They will learn to investigate and explore the world around them and develop an understanding of how things work in real life and to think about the practicalities of life. It is a very practical based curriculum area and pupils are encouraged to predict, explore, enquire, evaluate and experiment. This curriculum area also emphasises effective engagement with technology and many aspects have a scientific dimension.

My Community

In this curriculum area pupils develop an awareness of their unique identity and become an active member of the community. They will explore and gain an understanding of objects, people and places around them from within their immediate surroundings to the local community and beyond. Pupils will ultimately develop and understand of how they can have a positive impact on their future and their goals and aspirations through choices and transitions. Within this curriculum area, and where appropriate pupils will begin to develop skills that will prepare them for the workplace such as keeping safe and making choices for the future.

My Physical Development

In this curriculum area, pupils are learning to respect their own body through health and hygiene, exercise, positive body image and making healthy choices. Pupils are supported to develop their strength and movement in order to explore the world around them. They will also be given opportunities to learn about others around them and how to interact appropriately with each other to develop friendships. Some pupils will access sporting events to put their skills into practice against other schools.

My Emotional Wellbeing

In this curriculum area, pupils enhance their overall health and well being. They will learn to look after themselves and respect their identity. Pupils will also explore global diversity and the beliefs and cultures of others. This curriculum will also provide opportunities and activities to support pupils to understand their feelings, behaviours and aspirations.